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Sectorial Data


The latest edition of The Economic Impact of International Students in Spain is now available.

The study, co-financed by ICEX and Eduespaña, has been carried out, as with previous editions, by the consultancy Spain Education Programs, who specialize in the analysis of aspects concerning international education.

This edition is particularly useful because it provides an accurate picture of the economic situation of the international education sector in Spain in the moments leading up to the COVID 19 crisis. It is therefore data that informs us where we have to return to once the pandemic has been overcome.

The report is split into four areas: Spanish teaching for foreigners, international students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Erasmus students and business school students in Spain.

These groups of students contribute in total to the Spanish economy a figure close to 3.8 billion euros, an amount that, beyond its spectacular volume, is an indicator of what the highly qualified sector of knowledge transmission can mean for an advanced economy.

I am confident that this study will attract your interest as International education in Spain possesses extremely high added value, due to its ability to create skilled employment and its contribution to the positive perception of Spain outside our borders.

Óscar Verdugo



Economic Impact of International Students in Spain

Economic Impact of International Students in Spain 2020